Who am I?

...and what am I doing here?

A Hope in Health is named after the great book A Hope in Hell, by Dan Bortolotti.

It's a book about the triumphs and sacrifices of some of the worlds bravest people, Medicines Sans Frontiers (or "Doctors Without Borders" for us anglophiles), and it captured my imagination about eight years ago.

After several trips to Tanzania and Uganda, I began to unravel stories of international development and NGOs. There are heroes, but there are many organisations who act as NGOs, relief organisations, and philanthropists, who really are not what they seem.

A Hope in Health is here to investigate abuse and human rights violations from the organisations who promised to save the world. This is real journalism, the way it should be - researched, fact checked, and impactful.

After all, health and humanity is not for sale, health is a human right.


Ryan Latto